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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Article Response: Michael Jackson photos could help fund energy breakthrough

Article Link Michael Jackson photos could help fund energy breakthrough | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Response This is my responce to the link above. Two things that I love are Michael Jackson and the environment. Michael Jackson was an advocate for the environment and nature. He makes many references to it in his music and interviews. I believe if this man is going to sell photos he has taken of the late King of Pop to fund an invention to clean up greenhouse gases and help the earth, Michael would be honored that his photos will serve that purpose. It will be a way he can help improve earth posthumously.


Photo Credit: Reginald Garcia

I do believe people will buy the photos as a momento of the late pop star and keep it for generations to share. I'm not sure about how much the photos will make but I know it will be quite a bit. Even though the photos are of his younger years, that is a side of Michael Jackson people want to see more of and get to know. Especially young and post surgeries.


Photo Credit: Reginald Garcia

This invention should really help reduce and possibly eliminate greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane and others natural earth gases that in a large dose mixed with other chemicals like burning coal, the use of fuel and gasoline can be quite dangerous. They can lead to global warming caused by the greenhouse effect. This is a serious issue that causes a series of issues, for example melting polar ice caps resulting in rising sea levels.

Hopefully this plan is for the right reasons. If so, I hope it works out and Reginald Garcia gets his invention created. I feel Michael Jackson would be honored to be a part of making the world a better place. What are your views?

Other source used was Wikipedia article at "Greenhouse gas"

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